At Tipico UK, we aim to ensure that our fresh, authentic Sicilian confectionery arrives at your doorstep in the same pristine condition it leaves our kitchen. We craft each product carefully and ensure it reaches you fresh from our ovens.

For swift and convenient delivery, we have a standard delivery charge of £5.20 for packages that weigh up to 1kg. We promise that your sweet delights will be shipped within two business days following your order placement.

Should your order exceed 1kg, we’ve established a comprehensive weight-based delivery system as follows:

  • Packages between 1-2kg are charged at £7
  • Packages weighing 2-5kg are charged at £11
  • For those between 5-10kg, the delivery cost is £24
  • Packages weighing between 10-20kg incur a delivery charge of £35

This pricing structure ensures fairness and transparency, with delivery costs corresponding to the weight of the package. Rest assured, each step from packaging to delivery is handled with the utmost care, reflecting our commitment to offering you the best Sicilian confectionery and service. We sincerely appreciate your understanding and patronage.

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