Cital Del

Citta Del Torrone

03 October 2018

Hiya folks !

  • Today’s post is about the place where we come from, which is Caltanissetta Sicily.
  • Did you know that :
  • The city’s origin can be traced back to 406 BC, when the forces of Carthage established a fort at the site ,later called Fort Nicia.
  • After the second Punic war the site came under the Romans rules and in 829 AD the city was invaded by Saracens.
  • The Carthaginian name similar to the Arabic word Nisa(meaning women)resulted in the Saracen name of Qal’at al Nisā (fort of the women),since Italianized to Caltanissetta.
  • The city was captured by the Normans in 1086 AD.
  • After the Norman’s occupation Caltanissetta was ruled by the Aragonese kings and in 1406 it became a kingdom of the noble spanish family moncada .
  • In this period the city began to expand outside the walls, with creations of new areas (S.Flavia ,S.Rocco and S.Francesco.)Those include the medieval village of Arabs ‘origin called Angeli.
  • The Monaca’s domination ended after a rule of 406 years.