Smoked Almonds


Savour the unique, smoky flavour of our Smoked Almonds. Harvested from Sicily and expertly smoked, these premium almonds are a delightfully savoury snack and a versatile addition to various dishes. Enjoy them as they are, or add them to salads and platters for an extra burst of smoky flavour.

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Experience a unique flavour sensation with our Smoked Almonds. These carefully selected almonds are gently smoked to create a snack that’s delicious and packed full of nutrients. Whether you're a fan of savoury snacks, a gourmet food lover, or looking for healthier snack alternatives, these almonds will surely become a firm favourite.

At Tipico, we source our almonds from the sun-drenched orchards of Sicily, where they are allowed to ripen naturally before being harvested. These premium almonds are then expertly smoked to infuse a deep, distinctive, and delicious taste that truly sets them apart.

Perfect for snacking, our Smoked Almonds also make a delightful addition to salads, cheese platters, and various dishes. Enjoy them straight from the bag for a satisfying snack, toss them into your favourite salad for a smoky twist, or use them as a gourmet topping to add depth and texture to your dishes.

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100g, 250g


Sicilian Almonds, Salt.

May contains Mix Seeds and other Nuts.

All our bags are 100% degradable.

FOOD INTOLERANCE: Gluten free, Vegan.

Shelf Life

7 months


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